The Artist - Michele Arrieta

Michele Arrieta is an illustrator and graphic designer living in San Diego, CA with her boyfriend. She graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology, San Antonio, Tx with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art with a major in Graphic Design. Most of her childhood was spent growing up in a little town outside of San Angelo, Tx where she enjoyed drawing fairies, tumbling, and riding her bike.

Best known for her illustrations of lovely women, her inspiration stems from fashion photography. Michele is a full time graphic designer and spends her evenings pursuing her passion for illustration. When she's not drawing, she enjoys hiking and taking road trips through the southwest with her boyfriend and photographer, Kaz Canning.

May be available for freelance projects. 
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2017: CTN
2017: CTN Road Show
2016: CTN

Cosmopolitan Magazine

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